2wd 72 bronco build


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Well I have had this 72 bronco for some time. I bought it from the 2nd owner. It was uncut and everything but I never liked them lifted and uncut. Well originally I was planning on lifting it and wheeling it. I just did not work on it as I really had no place to work on it for a while and lost intrest. Since I got a wild hair up my ass and want a 2wd I had an idea.

The plans are dropped to the ground. Swap a 2wd front clip out of an s10. 5.3 out of the 99 I bought for parts. The outside is going to remain how it looks now, for now, with the rust and all. It's going to be full air ride. I want something that is rare.

How it sits now


It's going to make bronco guys hate me and when they lift the hood I will make the rest of the Ford guys hate me.
Check out @msturg on instagram..he has a bagged and bodied 69. I love his build so im sure ill love this one just as much!
Check out @msturg on instagram..he has a bagged and bodied 69. I love his build so im sure ill love this one just as much!

Yea he built it off a ranger frame iirc. It's nice. But I need speed if I am going this route.

I have a top I am going to rock for a little while before I get a half cab top.
Well got some idea with what I am working with. Using the front part of the frame only. I would have to shorten the s10 frame anyways and when it's all said and done all I need is the front. Looking to run about a 25" tire front and rear. Trying to figure out a way to get a wider wheel without having to narrow the axle.

Brakes I will be using a wilwood pedal assembly and dual master cylinders. Front I am going to upgrade the s10 brakes to dual piston calipers but stock size. The rear is going to get swapped to a disc setup.

Trying to do just a basic air set up just front back. I want to run sway bars. The back I keep going back and forth with either a 2 link or doing a 4 link right away. Honestly I have the parts for a 2 link and my goal is to have this done by power tour next year.

Interior wise I am pricing things out and have to pick the brain of of a friend that does custom work.
Yea I liked it. It brought more attention to broncos thou. It is already a expensive truck to restore. With only a few distributors. Eb are just getting hard to find.

I have been buy and selling eb parts for a few years and parts are getting harder to find. Let alone find them at a good price.
Anyone know what it would cost to have my rear axle narrowed. Debating whether to go this route or not and just run 16x7 wides all around
i assume the rear of the body isnt rusty. if thats the case, dont bother tubing it, just run the same size all the way around
It's a Wisconsin truck it has rust. I can fit my hand through the hole in the front fender. I have to notch the back to get it to be any where close to low.
new paint is mo betta though

He did a lot of work to it to get it to current state.

The body on mine is going to be a little rough at first I want the frame, suspension, and inside nice and good before I focus on the body. But I am ok with having a strong running ratty truck