Whose tunes?


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Jan 14, 2013
Brownwood TX
Im looking at getting some EFI i know blackbear is pretty well known but who else has some good tunes to run?

08 2wd 5.3 Vortec just exhaust and drop in in filter.

Also how can i just get some tunes emailed?
i dont think blackbear or anyone will just email you their tunes if they are a business. cuz techniqually you could sell their tunes to other people.

blackbear offers a special cable that they can email stuff, i forget what its called.

i just mailorder tunes, i dont need to play with it all that often unless im changing something major.

MJE or blackbear is who i would use.
Well what sucks is i work the weekend blackbear is in san antonio or i would be there in a heart beat.

Whats mailorder like how are you uploading the tunes?
Wheatley may be down there too still. I had him do my 2000 and was happy with it all.
nelson is local in san antonio. just call them up, set appointment, bring in truck. they tune. done. blackbear is awesome don't get me wrong, but the distance tuning can get a little complicated. nelsons does great work