Need help with muffler choice. No clue


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Mar 21, 2012
i Don't have a clue how to go about picking a muffler but just want something to make the truck sound better. Looking to spend about 100$. Help me out please. Stock 06 4.8. Going to turn down right before axle
Maybe long tubes eventually but probably no time soon. From what I hear Ill probably like the sound of magmaflow but I have not idea with casing length etc. I don't know how that plays a part
The shorter the case, the louder it is. Being dumped, an 18" or 22" magnaflow would sound good or similar sound for less money would be a dynomax bullet. With stock cats/manifolds neither would be ridiculous loud.

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I might just go for the cheaper because.....I'm cheap lol. I've been seeing about that dynamax just wasn't sure. Seems like 12" is popular size dynamax? 3" id correct?
I had a dynomax bullet. 3" in/out and it was like 14ish long. When I got headers I switched it out and put in a oval 5x8x18 magnaflow and like that set up better. It's not nearly as loud at idle and cruising, but over 2k rpm it has a similar sound. The bullet is almost like being straight piped with most of the rasp gone. It's not bad but for only about $60 more you can get a magnaflow.
How was the dynomax with stock exhaust manifold? If I do long tubes it'll be down the road I'm sure.
Yea, dynomax was stock manifolds, cats, and y pipe. Then 3" pipe in and out of the bullet.
Dynomax with stock manifolds isn't bad at all....Remind me in the morning and I will find the YouTube video of my old truck.

Also the dynatech split flow race muffler is Amazing...Sounds very much like Corsa Sport.

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I do like your sound Brian but doesn't the big ass tip play a part in that? I'm obviously not running that big of tip on dropped truck
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