How to: Install Footwell Lights NNBS 07+

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Mar 20, 2012
GM stopped doing footwell lights in NNBS trucks and I saw them in a NBS and wanted to have them. So after doing a little research and testing a few wires I found out which wire to tap into so they would dim in and out with the map lights when the doors open and close

What you will need:
2 LED strips (1 for each side) I used 6k. Strip Lights LED - 6 inch
Couple feet of 24 or 22 gauge wire

Heres what the strips look like. For the passenger side go ahead and get the extra wire you have and add them to the strip so it will be able to reach the box from the passenger side.

First, get under the dash and find this box. Its in the back left corner

Take the cover off and this is what you will see. You will be tapping into the black connector so go ahead and unplug it so you have have more room to work with

Once you have it unplugged there will be 2 grey wires in pin 8. I dont think it matters which one you use so just pick one

Then wire both lights to the grey wire. Should look something like this. Then of course wrap them good with electrical tape.

Once you have both lights hooked up to the grey wire then you will need to ground out both lights. I just found a place in the back of the footwell and used it

Now you can mount the lights. There is not very many places under there to mount them but here are the spots I used.
Drivers side

Passengers side

After you have them where you want, you will want to hide all the wires under the dash so none of them are hanging down.
Finally, plug the black connector back in and put the cover back on the box and you have footwell lights!
And here are some finished pictures:


Video of me opening and shutting the doors
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