Important!: How to fix 99-02 tow/haul button

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Mar 27, 2012
This is how to fix the 99-02 tow/haul button. My button would work every other time and then just finally quit. This is a easy job and doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Tools: 7&10mm sockets, 1/4 ratchet and extension, flat head screw driver, solder gun, solder, star bit, and patients.

Start by popping front part of dash off. Just pull and it will pop off. To remove it completely, tune key to run, put truck in first and work the piece out.

After that remove the two screws on the lower kick plate. They are 7mm.

Next remove the parking break latch, 10mm I believe.

After that you will see two clips holding the lower part on. Just pull until the give. There are 2 yell clips that come flying out watch your eyes. They go on the white tab that you can see from the top.

After that is removed, pull straight out and away from the column on the tilt lever. It will pop out. Then squeeze the top and bottom cover of the column and they will pop apart. Continue to work around until it is completely off.

Then move the rubber boot up a little that is around shifter. After that remove meal plate under column. It's 4 10mm nuts. I removed 2 already

After remove plate, unhook this connection. It is the tow/haul wire that comes out of shifter. A little screw driver works best.

Then unsnap the 2 little black plastic pieces that hold the orange wire in place.

After that remove the star bit on the shifter and pull the shifter out.

Next solder the connect back together where it is broken. I used electrical tape to protect the new connection. Then repeat the steps the put it all back together.

Hope this helps. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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