How To: Disassemble and Clean NBS Denali Projectors

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Feb 9, 2012
Sudbury, ON
Projector lenses looking foggy? Got a different colour light on one side? Shitty output?

Your lens may be dirty.

This is NOT a how-to on clearing Denali lights. If you read "Clear" instead of "Clean" then reading>you.

1. Remove light from truck. If you don't know how to do this, then give up and sell your truck... or better yet just give me the keys and sign the title over.

2. Remove the 10mm nut in the top left of the mounting bracket, then those small self tapping screws in pairs in the bottom right and top right you'll have to remove.

3. After you remove those screws you'll see this. Now grab your T25 and pull the 3 torx screws off.

You'll get this:

4. Pull the retaining ring off around the lens, get the glass cleaner out and go to town.

5. Follow these steps in reverse to put it back together. This is NOT difficult to do.

NOTE: It may take a little work to get the projector bucket to separate from the headlight, don't be surprised if you have to force a little.
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