How To: Candy Tail lights

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Mar 21, 2012
Finally got around to candying my tails and was asked by a few to make a thread so here it is. dont mind some of my blurry pics. this can be done a few different ways but this is how i do it.

1. I scotched bright the WHOLE tailllight with a red scotch bright and some sanding soap. you could replace the sanding soap with dawn if youd like. you probably could even sand the light with like 600 or 800.

2. Tape up the reverse light. run some fine line tape on the inside edge of the reverse light. be sure to use fine line on the edge because fine line leaves a "softer" paint edge.

3. Feel in the gap between the fine line with some tape. be sure to tape up all the little plastics that hang out a little past the housing and just cover the bulb holes on the back of the light.

4. Wipe the light down with wax and grease remover. tack thge light off with a tack rag.

5. I sprayed adhesion promotor on the light, just 2 light coats will be fine.

6. At this point, your ready to spray the candy. You can use the testers spray paint candy. I pulled a paint toner off the mixing machine. either way it gives the same results. On your 1st coat, put the coat ONLY on the orange light. If using a solvent based paint or even the testers paint, dont not apply to much at one time and wait for the proper flash time. to heavy of paint can etch into the plastic due to the heat from the chemical reaction of the paint. You wanna apply about a medium coat. do not shoot to get the orange covered on the first coat.

7. 2nd coat, Again, only on the orange, medium coat, proper flash time.

8. 3rd coat. on this coat we're going to apply to the WHOLE taillight. Theres no reason to try to blend the red on the orange light to match when you can paint the whole light to match. Again, medium coat, proper flash time.

9. 4th coat. Hopefully the final coat of paint for you. Paint the whole light. Medium coat, proper flash time.

Note: if its still not covered just keep going unntil its cover. medium coats proper flash time.

10. At this point,if your not tinting, your ready for clear. peel the tape off the reverse light and and clear the whole light.


11. I chose to put a light liight tint to darken the red up. If you want to tint the reverse light, untape it, if not leave it taped up. Same as with the candy, medium coats prper flash time

12. 2nd coat, medium coat proper flash time.

13.3rd coat. medium coat proper flash time.

Note: Mixed my tint with a clear base. about 10percent black. and it was a wee bit to weak for my likings. if you want it darker, put more paint on.

14. Peel the tape off of the reverse light if you alredy havent and clear the whole light 1st Clear coat. a good medium coat of clear.

15. 2nd clear coat. another good medium to heavy coat

This is fine line tape. Probably what they sell at most parts stores. There is also a blue color one that's a little better. Just search google for fine line tape for more pics.

Jared that's crazy dunno why that shit would do that if its cleared over.

Thanks for the compliment Chris. I hate readying a how to thats not very infornative. I wanted to leave as little room for misunderstanding as possible. If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me or ask in here and ill try to answer to my best ability.
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