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Mar 22, 2012
Like an online recipe,, imma give you a ton of bullshit background info before showing the car.

When the 5th gen Camaro came out, I was completely in love with it. From the 6.2, to the bodylines, to the interior...I really wanted one immediately. But I couldn't afford it at the time, and I was really enjoying customizing my 2001 silverado.

I owned that truck until 2014 when I sold it and turned around and bought a brand new 2014 silverado. Spent a few years doing some mods...drop, wheels, procharger, ect....but after a while I just got bored with it.


Wifey and I talked...a decided to sell it and get a camaro. I searched all over the nation for a grey 5th gen ZL1...and when I found 2013 in Navada, I prepared for a road trip.

However, my wife and Cuz talked me out of it. Both knew I thought the 6th gen was just as hot looking...and they both reasoned that, if I got a 2016+, it'd be an all around better car. Faster, lighter, more tech.

I found a grey 6th gen in Houston...and fell in love instantly.

Since that day, I've done a few things. Wheels, headers, tune, lowered (fucking .75". Weak), painted racing stripes (some of yall know I've always wanted racing stripes).
Always loved your 2001 and you have done a great job tastefully modding vehicles. I love the new Camaro and think it looks sweet. I bet that's one fun get around car.
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Now for some bullshit:

My wife, with the help of my cousin, 100% talked me outta the 5th gen and into a 6th gen yeah?

Well, apparently thru all the videos and pictures and info we went thru looking at wife also fell in love with the 5th gen. So...just a few short months later....this is her car:


2011 2ss cammed, heads, headers, tune, 2800 stall.
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Ain’t that some shit. I like the new car though, looks good and I bet it’s fun.

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