3.0L Duramax


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Jan 23, 2011
N Ft Worth, TX
Anyone with insight on the 3.0L Duramax? Beginning to research new trucks and this platform has my attention. From what i've seen there are no deletes/tuning for it - outside of the Pulsar LT and Banks Derringer (yet to be released).
From what i've seen it accepts heavier wheels and tires much better than a gas motor - some reporting low 20 mpg's on 34-35's. Also see it being a dog even in stock form - to be expected with sub-300hp which is a bit concerning (LM2 - 277hp/470tq)
LZ0 (2023 - 305hp/490tq)
Not a fan of working on them overall seem like a nice power plant. I’d buy one

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the 2023 LZ0 are trickling in to dealerships in DFW. Likely go test drive one in the near future to see how i like it. Don't like the $4.50+/gal though.
I’ve got one in a 1500 high country. Coming from big duramaxes it’s definitely different. I’ve got 34.5s on mine and get low 20s running 65-80. Was waiting on one in a Denali suv but just bought a new Tahoe with a 5.3 instead. The dmax has noticeably more power than the 5.3.

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if the 3.0L wasn't an option i would not even consider going back to GM. 5.3L is gutless IMO and rather not get low teens mpg in the 6.2L.