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  1. dszx13

    For Sale: Nbs esky pillars

    Since everyone and their mama has one now, I think someone may actually do something with them besides collect dust. 1 tab is broke (pictured) I don’t remember what I paid for them. How’s $80 shipped from 71055? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. dszx13

    Gm quality.

    Some of the stuff I see on the gm tech page. Jus thought I’d share lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. dszx13

    Dszx13's Yukon

    Decided I'd do an actual build thread on this turd. So as most know I bought it for 1k last summer from my sister. Trans took a dump at 274k miles and it was sitting for 7-8 months till I talked her into selling it to me. Pics the day we made the deal. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  4. dszx13

    Starter kit.

    Looking for recommendations on what I should get to fix my horrible paint an to keep it nice. I do not have a machine but I would like to get one. Looking for the best bang for my buck. I basically have the basic cheap soap from the auto parts store and rags. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  5. dszx13

    Nnbs lowering kit

    Was on my 4wd at 4/7 Belltech struts. Rings not pictured Street edge spindles for 2/4wd Moog uca with belltech offset bushings Belltech flip kit with adjustable hangars Belltech rear shocks Mcguaghys helper bags I'll let it all go for 700 plus shipping on your dime. If your somewhat local we...
  6. dszx13

    20" gmc declads

    As most know I bought 22s last night. Wife wont let me keep them so they gotta go. New 275/45s (800 miles) New sensors Powdered metallic silver has oe gmc caps All done last month. North Louisiana I have right at 900 in them all together. Cgm hook up 700 obo
  7. dszx13

    Kids entertainment

    My wife bought a portable dvd player with 2 screens on black friday from Wal-Mart. Aside from disks getting scratched an not being able to read them at it won't power on an when it does it cuts in and out. So we are looking for a better option to use in the vehicles. She has a kindle but says it...
  8. dszx13

    Nnbs lift hangers

    Assuming they are belltech since everything but the spindles are. Came with the kit I bought from dean and I dont plan on using them. Idk what they are worth so 50 plus shipping?
  9. dszx13

    Wtb nnbs Gmc grill.

    Prefer work truck so I can color match but open to others. Not looking to spend a arm and a leg or I'd jus buy a new one. Will be shipped to 71055
  10. dszx13

    Signature help?

    I only have a phone and tried uploading a pic on the website but won't work :/ Can anyone combine these too and make it look awesome. Lol. And throw my screen name in somewhere? I'd appreciate it.
  11. dszx13

    Planning on clearing nnbs gmc headlights

    As title says. But was wandering if anyone painted the chrome bezel and what was used to prep it. I'm confident I can do it without messing it all up. I've see the fast headlight guys videos an looks do able for me. But I figured if I did I'd colormatch it while it was out.
  12. dszx13

    Need help with tires for 17s

    Picked these up for a hundred bucks on Monday. Wanting a set of winter tires. I'm finding good deals on 265 and 285/70r17s. I was wandering how wide I can go. I've researched a bit an seen that I can fit 295/75 but I'm not sure on my wheel being 7.5 wide. I found a set of general grabber set I...
  13. dszx13

    High oil pressure.

    Truck is a 09 gmc crew cab hybrid with a 6.0. Had the oil changed at the local dealership about a month ago. I noticed yesterday at 55mph my oil pressure was running at 60psi. Let off and coast an it would drop to 50. Hammer down an shoot back up to 60. Never would go higher. Any ideas?
  14. dszx13

    Ps my wheels black?

    Jus curious as to what it'd look like
  15. dszx13

    Nnbs sunroof leak

    Any kno how to drop the headliner down? Gonna try an see if I can adjust the sunroof if I can. Pouring water in it with this storm coming in. Parked under the front porch at work for now. Any help would be awesome sent from my Ragged Out Z71
  16. dszx13

    3/4 ton front bumper on my 1/2 ton?

    Would this fit? Might trade my ranch hand for this plus cash. Minus the hideous brush guard lol sent from my Ragged Out Z71
  17. dszx13

    New from Louisiana

    My name is Dennis. I bought a 09 gmc Sierra hybrid Z71 about a month ago. So far I'm loving it. Lol. I've owned 4 obs and one nbs and one square body. A member on here mentioned the site on another forum so I figured why not join. sent from my Ragged Out Z71