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  1. Cleanoh4

    Cleanoh4s Joe Dirt Redneck 80s Shitbox

    Since the new house came with a 20x20 garage and a 70'+ driveway I wanted a project to mess with and didn't want to spend a ton, considering I have two other cars and the truck. I present to you my new to me 1988 Pontiac Trans Am It's got the 305 in it for now and a recent rebuild on the trans...
  2. Cleanoh4

    Iso this exact steering wheel

    Non-buttoned, grey wood grain Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  3. Cleanoh4

    How to change fuel injectors/o-rings

    In doing my Intake Manifold swap I also did some other things that made sense to do while I was in there. This write-up will focus on the removal of the fuel injectors, which also is the same if you are just replacing the seals(o-rings), the process should be the same across motors and years...
  4. Cleanoh4

    Cleanoh4's Usually Clean 2004

    Sitting here with lots of nervous energy today and I realized I never started a build thread ( not that I've done a whole lot in comparison to some), plus I figure it'll give me a place to post up questions/things that wont get lost as easy. Details: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 - bought 12/07...
  5. Cleanoh4

    Part Number Thread

    I know there's one on another site, and didn't see one here, but if you have a GM and need a part number, post the VIN and tell me what your looking for. If this exist here, delete it, but I figure I've helped a few people on here before so I'd offer up my service in a central location Edit: I...
  6. Cleanoh4

    Exhaust set up suggestions

    Like the title says, looking for suggestions. Cat back, S/I S/O, going to dump it right over the axle. Don't really want a redneck rasp, but a little drone is OK. Iirc factory piping is 2.5"
  7. Cleanoh4

    Carfax reports

    I bought the 5 vin package for $50, only have used one. $10/ea - have 4 remaining
  8. Cleanoh4

    Lifeproof Nuud case Galaxy S4

    Bnib $20 shipped
  9. Cleanoh4

    Blend Door?

    I've noticed it for a little while now but figured I'd try and confirm my suspicion. When I have the fan on (heat or ac) even on 5 and it's set to head and feet you barely feel anything coming out of the vents for head. Now when I move the dial to head only it blows full blast. Ideas? It's not...
  10. Cleanoh4

    03-07c Headlights

    60 plus shipping Overall I'd say the headlights are an 8/10. There's some scuff marks on the very top from where the p/o had a bug guard that rubbed the top. Should buff out mostly The markers/drls I'd give a 6/10 they have a couple scratches on them and a bit of efflorescence on the inside...
  11. Cleanoh4

    Important!: What can you tell me about this kit

    Looking at lowering the wife's tb Suspension source suggested these two: 02-09 Chevrolet TrailBlazer/Envoy (2WD/4WD) 2" Front / 3" Rear Drop, 03-06 Chevrolet SSR 1.5" Front / 2" Rear Drop w/ Street Performance Shocks 02-09 Chevrolet TrailBlazer/Envoy (2WD/4WD) +1" to -2" Front / 3" Rear Drop...
  12. Cleanoh4

    Rocker panel rust

    It was inevitable considering it's a 10 year old truck that's spent it's entire 150k miles in the north east. So the question is whats next? It really bothers me bc there is no other body rust on the truck anywhere so I'd like to fix it.
  13. Cleanoh4

    Important!: Inner tie rod rubbing

    Last summer I replaced the following: pitman arm,idler arm and bracket,both UCAs, both lower ball joints, both tie rod ends, and both inner tie rods, and the camber bolts on the driver side(had destroyed them removing UCA). I also dealt with an issue of after market sway bar end links not being...
  14. Cleanoh4

    Trans cooler line

    I'm sure this has been discussed before. I found some things on gmfgtsize but figured I'd ask here to get opinions. My upper trans cooler line is leaking as per gm tradition at the crimp. Here's my questions: Do I replace the whole line? If so how much of a pain in the dick is it? If I...
  15. Cleanoh4

    Wanted: 41U handles 03-07c

    So because of this: I broke my handle when I went to open the door this morning. Was pissed but then figured- upgrade! So here's what I'm looking for an all black (41u) drivers handle keyed and a passenger non-keyed. Would also consider the painted w/chrome pull. I know you used to be able...
  16. Cleanoh4

    WTF is this

    Anyone know what this is? Found it floating around inside the fuse panel in the cab Sent using Tapashit
  17. Cleanoh4

    Coil Packs/Plug wires

    Can some one please tell me what packs I have so I don't have to pull them just get get a stupid number to order plug wires. Yes I'm being lazy Thanks Sent using Tapashit
  18. Cleanoh4

    Best Equalizer Settings

    I know this can be a very broad topic, and without getting all audiophile, what is the best overall custom setting on an aftermarket head unit with sub? What do you listen to? What speakers/audio upgrades do you have? What kind of cab do you have(rc,ec,cc)? Pictures of EQ settings? Sent...
  19. Cleanoh4

    No radio after alt swap/big 3(4) install

    I replaced my alternator with a 200a one today and figured why I was at it, I'd do the big 3 as well. I ended up doing 4(bat-alt, bat-block,bat-frame, block-frame. Ok so all done, go to turn my truck on,(fired right up) and my pioneer avh won't turn on at all. It was working fine this am before...
  20. Cleanoh4

    Tune gone after amp install?

    I already pm'd Jenna and asked her, but figured I'd ask here too. I had an amp/sub installed today and for w/e reason it feels like my tune is gone. Is this possible? Would having the battery disconnected for an amount of time needed to install cause it to "reset" the ecu effectively deleting...