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  1. Andrew.

    Mr.WheelDeal. Fuuuuuu

    Corny hates me, so I'll ask you guys. :emo: Whose right here? Backstory: I live in Canada. Get taxed when I ship stuff from America. I use a PO box in the States, bring stuff across myself. They charge me 13% HST on whatever the value of the item is (if its used/falls into some BS category...
  2. Andrew.

    Federal M/T Tires

    Whose gottem? Opinions? For $917 shipped on a 33/20...their cheap, but hoping their not cheap for a reason. They wont see winter, maybe 5 months out of the year they will be used. Max 5k miles a year? Not a bad looking tire either IMO :shrug:
  3. Andrew.

    3" Block

    3" Rear block can throw in ubolts if you want too (not really good idea to re-use them though) :shrug:, looking to trade for 2" (2.25") blocks. looking for maybe 35-40 shipped? :shake:
  4. Andrew.

    2" Block

    Looking for a 2" block (2.25 I think is more common?) either one is fine. Anyways, if you got one, lemme know! Shipping would be to 14303 if that makes a difference.
  5. Andrew.

    Plastidip vehicles.

    Whose done it? Thinking about doing my speed3 for fun. Mattewhitte with flatblack wheels emblems etc. Not looking for show quality and for around $200ish all in I dont expect it to be. Was curious if anyone's done it on bigger pieces then wheels, and how well its held up. Staining, fraying...
  6. Andrew.

    blower motor cover panel thingy

    Looking for a part number or what ever this thing is called that covers the blower motor and what not so i can search... :shake: Or if ya got one on the cheap ill take it...
  7. Andrew.

    Wanted: Stuff you hopefully have laying around.

    I seem to have lost a few things on one of my many "lets rip out the interior to fix shit" days. Ill pay shipping and kick some money in as well for finders fee :) Looking for that small plastic piece that goes between the mirror and headliner to hide the wires. Kinda slides in and out, cant...
  8. Andrew.

    Big as I can get?

    2wd. 4" Spindle, 2" Spacer. 2"BL. Positive im at limit of what I can get without a crossmember kit. Now my question... Fabtech/Procomp/BDS/Superlift use 3" Spindles with springs to get you the 7". Would I be able to use my CST 4" ones if I were to pick up a crossmember kit? Or would I be better...
  9. Andrew.

    clean pictars - miniphotoshoot

    my picture taking skills are beyond horrendous, so excuse the non artistic side of it. :shake: anyways, cleaned it up and drove out to an ol building i found. rear bumper needs more up, but probably do that when I paint rear plastics. honestly getting a little bored of it, hoping that interior...
  10. Andrew.

    my scrap heap

    Guess I should post pictars of work done to this thing. Sold my B4000 in late '09, picked this thing up for $4500, and brought it home like this. Sold the tonneau, tinted 5% all around, painted the grill, mirrors, and valance, got a billet, HIDs and cleared my lights within a span of...
  11. Andrew.

    Your Specs Thread

    - Thread credit. Fourstar07. Whore out your truck all you want. Post a picture(s) of your truck, its specifications and any information you feel is necessary to have someone achieve your stance/look Talking or discussion posts aren't allowed. Simply posting a picture of your truck will also...
  12. Andrew.

    Choosing HIDS

    HIDs are "High Intensity Discharge" Xenon Lights. How HIDs work: Basically, they come in a "Temperature," rated in degrees Kelvin. Here's a generic picture of the different colors. You want to pick a color that you like, but remember, some of your local law officers do not like HIDs. These...