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    Help! Voltmeter Reading 19 Volts

    Perplexed by this one. Five days ago the voltmeter needle climbed to around 19V. It does fluctuate some, but never below 16V. Had things tested at Advance Auto. It showed everything within parameters, but still gave a result to replace the battery. It was an Optima Red Top I installed in...
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    Free: 03-07c Grille

    Location: Mobile, AL Shipping: On you Contact: via PM Free to a good home. The clips are broken in a couple spots.
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    How To: Dual Engine Bay Lights

    Saw this over on Thought I'd give it a shot. The driver's side already had the mounting holes. I just copied the pattern on the passenger side. Instead of splicing wires, I pulled the wires out of the connectors and replaced it with the properly terminated wire at the...
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    How To: Bench Bleeding a Master Cylinder

    I did a lot of research on this while swapping in a hyrobooster/master cylinder setup and thought I'd share my experience. Parts/tools: 1. Large phillips screwdriver 2. M/C bleeder kit 3. DOT 3 brake fluid 4. I picked up some clear tubing since I wanted to see the bubbles coming from the...
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    My Hydroboost Install pics

    Those of us who weren't blessed with a hydraulic brake booster from GM can attest to the less than stellar stopping power of the vacuum assist brakes on our vehicles. For me, that just wouldn't do. So it was new project time. :grin: Let me preface by saying I do have SS lines, powerslot cryo...
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    How To: Shock/ TB Key Install

    I chose to level my 1/2 ton NBS 4x4 with Ford Keys and Bilstein shocks. I had to have it driveable during the week, able to tow properly and go to the camp with ease. First, I'll cover installing the torsion bar keys. You'll need a set of Ford keys Then locate the cross member where the...
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    How To: NBS Rear Drum Brakes and Cylinders

    I was told I had a leaking wheel cylinder, so I figured I'd document my progress while replacing both cylinders and shoes. Once you've removed the wheel and drum, here's what you'll see: Notice the single horseshoe spring holding the brake shoes on. It's anchored at the bottom and hooks to...
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    How To: Change Oil Pressure Sensor

    This is a how to for the oil pressure sensor on NBS trucks. It's a common issue for it to go bad. My symptom was the oil pressure gauge pegged at 80 psi on my 2007 GMC Sierra Classic. Parts: oil pressure sensor, GM 12616646, ACD D1846A, $34 on Amazon oil pressure switch socket, Lisle...
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    How To: The Big 3

    The "big 3" upgrade is a common mod done by owners. It involves upgrading the size and quality of wire for the battery and alternator. This will provide better current flow which can affect many aspects of your vehicle (i.e. less voltage drop, no dimming lights, even better mileage, etc...)...
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    How To: 4l60e Transmission Flush/Filter Change

    I though I might do a write up since I haven't seen a how to with pics. This procedure with allow you to flush all the fluid from the tranny, converter, lines, cooler, etc. I did drop the pan and change the filter and seal. If you don't wish to, then skip over those steps (They'll be in...