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  1. J

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Only took 2 God damn fucking months to get a set of wheels installed. Jesus christ. Should probably update their date promised bullshit. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Coolant type

    Some of you have probably seen that I made a seat of the pants purchase and picked up an h2. It's only been driven 400mi in the past 2.5 years. So I'm looking to flush and replace all fluids. The orange Dexcool is still the coolant I see, but I'm wondering if I can put in the cat ec-1 rated...
  3. J

    The official SEMA 2015 thread

    Sema 2015 Who's going, and what would you guys like to see? I'll try and take as many pictures as I can, but there's going to be a lot of shit. Anything you guys have ran across that you want to see more of? I'll prob be half dickered the whole time too, so bear with me :ffbkeg: The madmax...
  4. J

    Garage flooring- Epoxy or tile- anyone have it, pros/cons of either?

    I'm looking to finish out the garage with extra baseboard left over from the house, and also paint the garage interior the house interior color. Up until a few days ago I was set on an epoxy flake coating. But I've recently been reading about tiling the garage. Many people seem to like it...
  5. J

    Who had that gray 08+ ford console. I want to buy it

    I remember one of you bastards having an 08 ford console in one of your trucks, and I think I remember it being taken out? Which one of you son of a guns was it. I want to buy it.
  6. J's super duty build thread. Full of 6.0 sickness's pile of junk super duty build I didn't make a thread on my silverado, so I guess I'll make a thread on my tow pig 06 F-350 Silverado is awesome after the cam and heads, but it doesn't quite fit the bill comfortable to tow the boat. So I picked this up. Little backstory on the truck- 1...
  7. J

    Cheapest Place right now for tires? Anyone have ahook up on American Force?

    Probably going to be picking up an f350 tomorrow and im looking to do er up looking for 37x13.50 toyos and 22x12 american force. anyone have any hook ups with american force? anyone have the spot to buy tires right now? im not apposed to fuel mts, or a few other mts, also not opposed to 38s...
  8. J

    WTB: oem 03-06 silverado tails

    Looking to pick up an extra set of oem 03-06 silverado tail lights. Let me know if you guys have any.
  9. J

    6v batteries for stereo battery bank - whats best, and where to get them

    Its time to upgrade my battery bank, it takes too much space, and the batteries are getting old, my guess is a good 6-7yrs. Im looking for tons of amp hours. I need a lot of juice for a long period of time. They will be charged off of an inverter either via outlet or generator. I need them...
  10. J

    Magnaflow or borla? Cammed 5.3 with long tubes

    As most of you guys know I finished up my cam and head swap and the truck is road worthy one again. But this 12" bullet I have is a no can do after the cam. Way too loud. Way too raspy. I'm looking into new mufflers, XR-1 is pretty popular on similar set ups. ROund or oval? Magnaflow is also...
  11. J

    4L60E build - FLT, Monster Trans, Or? Swapping in a built 60e, options and opinions

    My trans is starting to give me some trouble, so while its out getting a new Circle D converter, ill be swapping in a built 60e now, rather than later down the road. im looking at FLT level 3, and 4, or Monster Trans HD 60e. I will be doing a fair share of towing/hauling with the truck, and...
  12. J's grown up build thread- the new crib - mods and upgrades.

    Well, I didn't do a build thread on my truck, this time I'll do it right and start a thread from the beginning. Here it goes. The grown up build thread. House mods v1.0 Paint has already been done, so I done messed up already, but I'll document the rest of the projects. Tomorrow starts...
  13. J

    Important!: Wtb 75k mile, or lower lq9 short block

    Like the title says, looking for a good condition lq9 short block with 75k or less miles. Let me know if anyone has any leads on something decent and a price. Thanks.
  14. J

    Bnib comp cam, milled .030 243's, tbss intake, xlink, calspeed's and more!

    Alright guys, I've gathered all the parts needed for a cam/head/intake swap and I'm done fucking with it. I have to get my truck smogged in a few weeks and decided I'm not going to mess with it. Brand new comp cam 214/222 .560/.569 111lsa Cal speed long tube stainless headers about 4 months...
  15. J

    For Sale: LS2/LS6 Valve Springs .570 lift OEM, from set of 243 heads 40k miles

    I have a set of LS2/LS6 oem gm performance valve springs. In great shape, they came off a set of 243's I bought to swap onto my truck. My cam has a little more lift than these springs will take, so im putting pac springs on. No use for these, $55 shipped to a good home! These are the "LS2...
  16. J

    Polk Audio mm691 6x9 3-way component set with cross over

    Bought 2 pair of these for my boat, and I've decided to go a different route after my led install in the boat. These speakers are loud, clear, and sound great. But I cannot get led rings made for the 6x9, so I need to swap back to a round style speaker. Only reason for selling. They have been...
  17. J

    Powder on my truck- help me choose a color

    Alright. I'm going to powder my leafs, hitch, control arms etc. but I'm having trouble picking a color for my truck, nothing seems to go with it good. I'm thinking candy/lollipop red but I think that'll be too much of that color combined with the truck color. I'm building an oven as we speak...