Wtf is happening I'll light the truck on fire.


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So for 3 days now, hvac system has been wierd and somewhat worrisome. It started by blowing out a smoky/vapor but only on drivers idea vents. Nothing big. It was hot and humid out so I didn't worry about it so much. But now, it got wierdZ. Water is dripping out under my dash, passenger side, enough to soke my carpet completely, the smoky vapor is on and off but mostly on, and a lot more of it too. When I turn it hear water or some shit move under the passenger side dash and it's hitting something hot that's making it boil like dropping water on the stove. I thought it was only when using ac but now its cooler out and in the mornings I want some heat, well shit nope. Can't use the heat at all, not even one click hotter than the lowest cool setting on the dial or everything fogs up bad. Should I let it catch fire or is it work fixing? 2013 1500 with a 4.8 if that matters.
Do you smell anything sweet in the cab? That's a dead giveaway

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I'm thinking heater core as well.

Good luck.

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I was hoping for a simple fix but that video is scary. Haha calling the dealer today hopefully they won't say it's because of my drop and void the warranty lol if they do ito without a doubt going on fire
Good god, I didn't realize how fucking complicated its getting to replace a damn heater core these days. Last one I replaced was on my brothers 1990 C1500, and it wasn't too bad once we got the glove box and shit off. Last one I did before that was on my 87 Cutlass and that was easy as fuck. EVERYTHING was under the hood on that car. I had to remove the wipers and the wiper cowl, and from there it was just a triangle shaped access plate with just a few screws to get the heater core out. I never had to even open my glove box, lol.
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Good luck on fixing your core.