Start to Turbo 4.8 Sierra


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Well I decided I needed a little boost in my life, so I pulled the trigger on an on3performance 70mm kit for my Sierra. I did have an lq9 laying around for a while, but I decided that I wanted to do something different for me. Ive always done NA motors, but never had boosted v8. This on3 kit looks awesome, and for 2k I figured Id give it a shot. Made some money when I sold my Lq9, so it basically paid for the kit. As of I have my Bosch 52lb injectors, and racetronix 255 fuel pump, and the turbo parts themselfs.

Hoping to see a bit over 400rw on 6/7psi. Will be more pictures as I start install.

When I came home to all the parts, head was going to explode.



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Truck. Courtesy of Sam Carrol
I saw that too Sam.. There's shit like that on everything you buy. It's a one man company. And his shit is super cheap. Not expecting it to be like the trick or kb kits but it's a cheaper alternative

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That thread is super old top before he was even making these kits.. I've heard these kits fit pretty decent and don't leak and the work on em is nice especially for how cheap they are lol.

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Can't wait to watch this, I would definitely consider some boost for that cheap

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Well he's had some time to work out the bugs, and maybe his supplier is better now. Since you already have it, there is no turning back! :security:

edit : Plus everyone here loves explosions & fire! win win :imo: