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My 2500hd Build up so far. - Chevy Truck Forum | GMC Truck Forum - GmFullsize.com
just to get you guys caught up to now,

you know how everyone looks back at their yearbook pictures and are just like ahh what the hell, so please spare me the grief about all the nonsense with my truck in the beginning haha.

further plans from this point are a solid axle swap more lift and bigger tires. 5.13 gears are yet to be installed but I have everything. Also have to paint the piggy.

Later down the road interior will come too.

tailgate still needs some bondo work. looks terrible from the person I got it from

this is how she currently sits. un painted shaved tail ss front bumper , waiting on 06 grille and hd hoof before painting

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sorry for the potato pics by the way, I still have a 4 which is apparently outdated these days
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looks liek she is sanded up for paint.

what color you going with?
I was planning on going with black again and some red pearl type thing but now I think im just gonna make it gloss black again. it had real ass paint so its like I sanded it down for nothing if I go back to gloss, my roof and hood were straight gray before I sanded it.

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No more chrome 20x10 bmfs and 38x15.50s traded up and got some XD Diesel 22x11 wrapped in 37x13,5 toyo muds, always wanted diesels back since I got rid of my first set.

Gonna try and get them and the truck all cleaned up tomorrow, not gonna look to hot seeing as how its all sanded but the wheels will look nice.
just think of it this way, if you go from any color away from black, your door jams and shit arent going to match.
Well I wanted to have so little of an amount of red pearl in the paint that it was black until the sun hit at angles then the door james wouldn't be a problem but yeah going back to black will be perfect cause my door jams are perfect

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hng dfw those diesel wheels but i cant fit 22x11's on 35s without major billeh hack.

I wish my truck wasn't so hacked up but I had 35s on it before I even lifted it so its super hacked. and one time I accidently hit some woops and my tire smashed up and hit my inner fender a little. not too noticeable though. just more clearance lol
Got the 5.13s installed today, manage to spend a total less than $500 for all parts and labor to get it geared.

going to check out an axle deal tomorrow, $225 for a gm dana 4 8 lug with 6 inch lift springs and all steering with new rotors and calipers and warn hubs. hope it turns out to be what it claims to be!

picked up his and hers axles today, one will be going in my truck and my girlfriend is on the hunt for an s10 for the other to go in,
Picked a steering arm and flat top knuckle for my front axle , and also got some 22x14 Xd diesels to replace my 22x11s so gonna ditch the 3" wheels spacers now too
Court got moved to early next year so i have a little break for now. got my leafs and a steering knuckle and arm for the front axle just need a couple more things and im good to go

got 22x14 xd diesels

and my spacers are still on, probably going to run em until supercross on the 10th but they are posted for sale
much wide
very shits and giggles

i kinda like it though even though i could literally change my brake pads without removing the wheels

after a quick little guestimate of how high my trucks going to end up its gonna be anywhere from 8-11ish inches higher than it is currently depending on how much these leafs flex down, not gonna worry about tires until after its up and after i get the rear up. debating on doing full leafs in the rear or a shackle flip and smaller leafs

and good lawd i need paint like a mofo, been considering a wrap too but idk about a wrap in the AZ heat on a truck thats not gonna fit in my garage

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just realized that you cant see the rest of this haha, im just gonna not , cause my truck was pretty homo until it was lifted and had 38s right before i sanded it down and started this thread but heres some pictures of the various stages its seen

come a long way
yeah they might shouldnt be too bad, its not my first experience with large springs i think it will be okay considering my truck rides like shit anyways and has for about a year so im expecting about the same ride quality and im totally okay with that
ah dude i wish i had a dmax, just a wittle 6.0 , i really need to make a sig to clarify that haha.

but it isss a 2500hd and heavy the springs are new so they will be broken in at least a little and they were made custom for some guy that was gonna lift a tahoe on a solid axle