New guy from West Monroe

Its a process! Cant rush my dad or he wont do it haha! And less dents than you! Theres the little one on the front fender and the little one under the passenger side window. Both due to a dumbass at mardi gras ordering a new back bumper soon if i cant find one at u pull it
please fix your front bumper lol and clear your fogs with led cubes
Well guys i havent been on here for a bit but heres how she sits as of right now. Got my new tires and wheels today(20x12 -44 on 33"s)
. Also ive put clear bumper lights on too.
Trying to figure out how to post pics and all hahah been like 5 years since ive been on here. But my instagram is tyler_burnett51 theres some pics on there

I use Tapatalk so it’s a piece of cake. I’ve seen it on there from following you. Was just giving you a hard time.


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