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What's up everyone, my name is CJ. I have a 2007 (pretty sure that's the correct year) Sierra Classic 1500 that I'm in the process of pulling the engine out of and rebuilding it. I'm debating on keeping it stock or throwing a couple performance items on it while rebuilding the engine. Right now I'm thinking maybe get some longtube headers, cold air intake, maybe a ls6 intake (I believe those will fit on the 4.8 someone can correct me if I'm wrong) and maybe a lowering kit.

I've been working as a mechanic for around 5 years now, and I'm also going to school for Automotive Technology and I'm about halfway through so I have a little bit of knowledge, but I'm no expert. Still, even with my little bit of knowledge I like to try and help people out with problems, or builds if I can so feel free to ask me a question and I'll give you a answer if I can.
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Welcome as far as an intake goes if your gonna do an upgrade go for a TBSS intake swap. More power and torque where you need it over an ls6.

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Welcome from Louisiana. Or a nnbs intake. Very similar and can pick up cheaper too

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