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Found this place via google and it seems to have some activity so i thought I would join and see what there is to learn or contribute.

Definitely a GM person. Current roster is a 2006 Trailblazer weekend toy, 2001 Trans Am commuter car, and a barn queen Suburban that will eventually come back out to play.

But everyone really just likes pictures, so....




upload_2018-9-21_9-30-41.png upload_2018-9-21_9-31-30.png
Nice set of rides! Not sure I’ve seen a TB like that before and love me some TA’s

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Appreciate. The TB has been developing for a few years. Been a journey of prototyping and testing parts and running around the Midwest to beat it off trees and rocks. It has surprised more than a few people over the years.
Nice!! That trailblazer is wild! I’ve never seen one done up like that. Can you tell us a little more about it?

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4.10 gears, locked sf14 bolt rear, Radflo coilovers front, rear is skyjacker Tahoe springs damped by bilstein 5100s, 3 inch body lift, MDB Fab front and rear bumpers, MDB fab skidplates from front bumper to behind TC, custom tubular rear control arms, adjustable pan hard, larger front rotors from SS, 2.7:1 TC, flipped n reversed UCA in front, winch, cb, rack, lights, 35 12.5 on 17x9, leather seat covers, basic stereo w double din n sub, led lighting everywhere, gutted intake w Green filter, magnaflow exhaust, pcm tuned, rock rails welded n gussets to frame adapted from Toyota kit, prolly some other stuff from over the years. It’s been driven to and wheeled in several states. Somehow it just kinda works and is about 300 hp from the I6 and still gets 16 mpg if you are driving nice.
tb is rad, since youre in Indiana, you come up here to bundy hill often?

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Not much. I live near Haspin but go to Badlands or Redbird more often.

Hard to beat dropping south to Windrock imo. It’s still my favorite.