Nbs DJM 3" lower control arms


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DJM 3" drop lower control arms, they fit 99-07c Sierra/Silverado with torsion bar front suspension 2wd/4wd and 99-06 Tahoe/Yukon as well as suburban/Yukon XL. They were installed installed then I pulled them off because my wheels wouldn't clear the arms completely. I have some Monroe shocks that fit with them I'll give you. They are brand new in box basically. Asking $300 OBO. Located in Longview, TX 75605. Will ship depending on pricing.






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These arms will give you full turning radius without modifying your spindles. I have these on my truck and have had 0 problem in the last 2 years I've been running them.

Glws brah.

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Wish I knew 100% if nbs control arms would work on obs

I researched it a little a while back and ended up on calmax suspension faq page and they claim that customers run their nbs control arms on 4wd obs trucks.

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Sorry for all these bumps. Do you still have these?

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Nevermind just saw its for the 4wd trucks.