Hulknasty's nnbs vortec max


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Well decided it was time to pick up a another truck. Ended up getting a black 2007.5 6.0 vortec max crew silverado ltz.

Mods so Far:
2011 ltz split grille
air aid mit intake tube
K&N drop in Filter
Cleared headlights
LED turn signals
2.5 tgc level
Antenna relocated
billet bowtie
Dumped exhaust
Gibson tip

Coming this week:
295/55/20 toyo mt
Chrome 2014 rep 20s
Anzo Led tails
Ptm rear bumper
Black Bear tune

Future mods:
nav unit


oh shit ya bud its going to look good with those mods and should rip pretty good too with the tune !!

oh and welcome
Thanks guys!

How hard was it to pull the plastic off the bumper to install the caps?

It was pretty easy the plastic pops off once you remove a couple plastic clips. Then just drill out the factory rivets holding the caps on. I used 1/4"x3/4" bolts instead of rivets when I put the new caps on. Took me maybe an hour or so to do both sides in my driveway this afternoon. Not bad at all imo. Picked up the caps on ebay for 107 shipped already ptm and were a perfect fit.

Ordered up a nav unit and back up camera today. Went with the oem look rosen carshow model and the factory style rear camera that mounts in the tailgate handle bezel