How did you find us at CustomGm?


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Didn't know where to put this, saw it on another site and thought it would be a good idea on here to see where most members come from. Admin feel free to edit/move this to appropriate place :shake:

Please take a moment to tell us all how you found this site. It's interesting to see all the places the site shows up. Post how everyone found CustomGm, so maybe we can attract more members in the same way. Maybe it was a search for something truck related, or a link you found on another website. Whatever it was, post it up. Don't be afraid to reply and give us more detail if you wish.
Heard about the shreveport meet on gmfs, so joined here, went to meet and never went back to gmfs lol
Found it by searching for GM forums that have Tapatalk. Joined a long time ago before anyone from GMFS was here. It was dead here before the big recruit.