Fogle's 1999 Z71 Build


Super Mod
Picked this truck up a couple weeks ago and decided to do some work to it.

1999 Z71 extended cab short bed

How I picked it up

First things I done where tint, remove steps, leveled, and change out the wheels

Took off the toolbox yesterday and added a full console.

I have some more plans for it but I'll show them as I do them.
Did some more work to the truck today. Added Federal 33x12.50 to the stock 20s




Still a lot more to do
I've done some more work to it but haven't taken any pictures.

Added painted cap and z71 tahoe grille
I have painted handles to go on
removed stripes and molding

I still have to polish the truck. Was going to do it last weekend but had to work.

I also have a rcx leveling kit to install.
Decided to work on the paint some today. Still got a lot to do.

This is what I was left with after I took the molding off.

Used some 2500 to even it all out.

After one pass with Menzerna SI1500 on a pink pad.
where did you get the federals and how much just wondering, since i have been pricing them out for my 20's
193 each on the federals local. ebay was second cheapest
i believe they were 830 with tax

door handles come from rock auto. aftermarket ones.
Did some more cleaning on the truck today.
I want to do white mirror caps and painted flares next. Then headlights. And exhaust.

Swapped out the front door speakers with some Memphis Power Reference ones.