drunk lady hits my truck....carnage and advice for rebuild parts


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So as some of you have seen on my facebook, in the chatbox, and as well in the "vehicles as they sit now" thread, some drunk lady hit me last night supposidly reaching for her phone. i havent gone to see her car, but may sometime today if i can get a vehicle to drive and get some pics. cops came last night to look it over, and insurance adjuster is coming within the week. needless to say the truck is down and out for a few weeks.

looks to me like the axle was stressed, wheel is dinged up, tie rod is dicked, bumper cap is garbage. im sure once they get looking into the suspension more would pop up. ill keep updating photos and info to keep you guys informed. looks like maybe ill be able to switch to a factory fog setup and ill have to either find a new wheel somewhere to replace it or something. that and maybe hit up FFR for some tie rods.

now onto the pictures:










I'd say since it's your DD and you need it back as quick as possible:

- PTM fog light end caps
- FFR tie rods
- New wheel to replace dickered one
- Prawfit?
I'd say since it's your DD and you need it back as quick as possible:

- PTM fog light end caps
- FFR tie rods
- New wheel to replace dickered one
- Prawfit?

kinda what was on my list, just need some info about the FFR tie rods. who knows what else is fucked, might have to get other replacement things. could use stainless steel braided brake lines, rotors, etc. probably new front axle since i think it got pushed out into the center cap too.

Here is there website

FFR Fabrication

i just put them on my truck sunday morning, very nice and strong.

yours will cost the same as mine, 272 shipped.

mine took around a week and a half to get to me iirc
To me it looks like the following should be replaced:

middle, lower bumper section (black one)
bumper cap (get PTM fog ones)
inner & outer tie-rod (go FFR)
CV axle (looks articulated too far)

front axle?
ball joints?
^pretty much spot on what im thinking. ill call FFR today and get some pricing. not sure if i should buy the stuff first or have the shop buy it and ill pay the difference between stock and those. not sure how that will work with insurance.
yeah the car was pulled into the driveway when i went by this morning, whole bumper of the car was torn off. threw me for a loop because 2 places down there was a blue saturn with a bashed in fender and busted side lol. maybe they didnt write the correct car down idk lol.
bad enough that the didnt look at the license and thought i was my dad since the truck is registered in his lol. oh well.
Dont know if they are gonna pay for 4 new wheels unless the diesels are discontinued. This thread just reminds me I need to get my own insurance. Im still under my dads progressive policy with no coverage. I hope it all works out geoff
did you get the police report? have the officer fix it so you can file your claim and make that bitch pay