Important!: 2016 Calendars Official Thread

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Hey everyone!

It's that time of the year! We have been working on bringing you guys a 2016 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners from 2015, and Last year's ROTY on the cover!

The calendar is printed on high quality card stock (thick paper) and spiral bound.

It includes 'Murican and Canuck holidays, as well as member's birthdays that posted in the lounge thread while it was open!

Pricing is:

$20 USD for just the calendar.
$25 USD for the calendar and a sticker.

As of right now we are TAKING ORDERS calendar prices are $20 ea, or $25 each with a Sticker.

Please send payment to Cheeny23 via Paypal (SEND AS GIFT OR ALLOW FOR PP FEES), along with your address to

PAID List:
Cheeny23 (x1)
Oktain (x2)
Gannon (x1)
Fortplainman (x2)
TechieTruckGuy (x1)
99Blaze (x1 & sticker)
Mook (x1 & sticker)
Chewy (x1 & sticker)
Casey (x1 & sticker)
Jared (x1)
Tony (x1)
Barber (x2 & sticker)
Eddie (x1)
Fuso (x1)
Dakota (x1)
Cory (x2)
Huck (x1 & sticker)
Jake747 (x2)
Dennis (x2)

Interested List:
1. 04SSHD
2. TheBrettster x3
3. Jared
4. Dakota
5. Chewy07
6. Oktain x2
7. Liamrk
8. Dszx13 x2
9. Mike.
10. Frizzle53 x5
11. BARBER x2
12. static06
13. a-fuso
15. Huck
16. TechieTruckGuy
17. Fortplainman x2
18. cvand789 x2-3
19. Boosted_Silverado x2
20. Gannon
21. Khaos
22. 99blaze
23. red94chev
24. Jake747 x2 or 3
25. Cheeny23
26. 2005_Silverado

Here are some preview photos of THIS YEAR'S Calendar:



If you are interested please PAYPAL Cheeny23 with how many calendars you would like, and your address. Calendars will be shipping shortly.

Cheeny's PayPal address is
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