Battery tenders...chime in

battery tender is a great brand. We used one of their marine line ones on our boats 3 batteries while it sat up for the winter.

The one you linked to this thread i believe peyton actually uses on his bagged green truck. Deff worth the $40 imo
buy the one you posted, great quality, goes into drip mode when the battery is charged to save on electricity, and they have terminal wires that can stay connected all the time - i tuck mine behind my headlight when i drive it, untuck it and plug it back in when i get home, no need to open the hood. Youll be pleased.
I bought half a dozen of the cheap ass harbor freight ones, they work good for $5
Another vote for the one you posted Jared. We have 5 at the house for 3 bikes, 1 atv, and one for the 69 skylark. Plus we sell them at work. Never had an issue with that brand at all.
Another vote for Jr. I have one on the 88 and when I actually remember to use it it works awesome
The one on Amazon has a quick disconnect.


You attach the one separate set of leads (on the right) to the terminals and hand the plug out of the grill. Attach it to the lead from the unit plugged into the wall and you're good to go.
lol, I know how they work! I'm saying in the description they don't all state that they have them, and some actually have a pic of the package, and some of those I saw didn't look like they have them. Also, amazon "suggested" I buy the quick disconnect, which led me to believe they do not come with all packages. I read some of the FAQs and a few of them stated they do come with them. I'll order from one that says they do for sure.
my dad has had the same solar one for over 25 years, shit still works, he mainly keeps it on his boat to keep the batt charged