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    2016 ATS-V

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    2018 GMC Denali Build

    @TheBrettster are those 285/60's by chance? Looks great
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    Important!: LSX370 Build for Mullet Mobile

    New intake is secks.
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    2018 GMC Denali Build

    Mine is a 15 so they should be able to when I get autocal.
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    2018 GMC Denali Build

    Which level did you go with and who’s going to be tuning it? My 8spd truck has the Chevy shake, feels like it is in the trans tuning or possibly the converter like some have had issues with. If dealer can’t do anything I’m hoping blackbear can clean it up.
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    sam definitely loves men

    sam definitely loves men
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    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    The 6.2 we have in our F-250 ccsb survey truck is really nice. Night and day difference in the entire vehicle compared to 5.4 and 6.8 models we've had in the past.
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    Dean's '11 Crew Cab Budget Build

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    Cam time-possible DoD failure

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    Solid Axle Swap Thread

    The truck handled great for something that size. Less body roll than my ifs lifted half ton had. It was like driving a Super Duty without the bump steer.
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    Solid Axle Swap Thread

    Mine has one, but the cheap leaves ruin it.
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    Solid Axle Swap Thread

    So many SAS experts without SAS's.
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    2500HD and some Dana 60HP parts

    Here is my craigslist ad: 2001-2010 Chevy/GMC 2500HD Duramax 8.1 Dana 60 parts
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    NNBS Silverado Cleared heads + HIDs + Switchbacks

    Would be a stupid baller to pay retail for used parts in 5 year old headlights.
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    Rear Lift Alternative (Not using blocks)

    Should note that if the truck sees action/abuse that it is not a good idea to run lowering shackles in compression. They generally are not made as beefy as needed since they are meant to be in tension. My lowering shackles I used in my shackle flip are twisted/bent and I have some ORD super...
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    What brand of gears would you buy?

    I have yukons, haven't broke them yet. A lot of the humming people get is unavoidable when getting into lower gears due to the way they are cut.
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    Offical Dog Pic Thread

    Sorry for the loss, she looked very loyal. It's not easy losing a childhood dog. My old mix made it almost 17yrs before mom had to put her down.
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    You could have set the parking brake a little haha.