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  • i would so do it. i love the thing..you want it sold out of state, i'd say im a little out of state :crazy:

    but i did tell her that if it's not sold by the time i take some leave that i'd hit you up
    when it sells you need to wear a suit of armor. and a cup since cody says he'll fly out and kick you in the cunt lol

    the lady is sayin for me to go get it from you when i hit the states again in a couple weeks. i shouldve never showed her your truck
    jsyk, one of my ladies was scanning gmfs on my account. she saw your FS thread. she immediately flips to shit and about kills me, "you fucking tell Garrett to keep that truck! Get your ass to NC and buy it now! that thing is too beautiful to pass up for $15k! Call him, message him, do whatever and go get it!"

    it's nice to know that one of my womenz will murder me over you selling your truck. lol
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