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  • It's wider then most of the lifted trucks around here ha. But more wide would look sick! We need to throw my wheels on it
    Yeah plus I saw the step side bed, tows and the wide stance lol I honked but I guess I was to far away for you to hear it haha
    Lol idk it's just a excuse to have 2 sets of wheels. But it would be nice to have another set to swap out during the winter so I don't have to worry about keeping the x12's spotless all the time. Mainly to keep them from pitting
    If you get new rims you gonna sell the badlands? If so I might be interested in them.
    Why do you wanna drop it down? Ive been think about ditching my lift and do a prerunner set up on black methods haha
    Mine seem to be doing fine. But yea when it rains and stuff they do get dirty quick.
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